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July 2007

July 2007

  • Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth: California Retailers and Youth Tobacco Laws (revised July 2007)
    Stop Tobacco Sales to Youth: California Retailers and Youth Tobacco Laws is a training presentation designed as a self-education tool for use by California tobacco retailers and their employees. Accompanying the training presentation is an introductory letter to retailers and a clerk quiz. The California Department of Public Health is providing this training pursuant to Business & Professions Code, Section 22974.8. This law requires that training be provided to licensed California tobacco retailers who have received a warning letter from the State Board of Equalization following a first conviction of a state law which prohibits selling, giving or furnishing tobacco products to persons under the age of 18.

Retail Introductory Letter
Tobacco Retailer Presentation
Clerk Quiz

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  1. New Agenda for June 29 enforcement training
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Solano County Fact Sheets:
Benicia: pdf | MS Publisher
Dixon: pdf | MS Publisher
Fairfield: pdf | MS Publisher
Rio Vista: pdf | MS Publisher
Suisun: pdf | MS Publisher
Vacaville: pdf | MS Publisher
Vallejo: pdf | MS Publisher

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TALC Model Licensing Policy:
   Word | PDF

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New 2004 Training Schedule

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1994-2003 Youth Purchase Survey Results (powerpoint)

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