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The tools are listed below according to section. Some of the tools are templates, which allow you to customize them specific to your activities. All tools can be downloaded for use in your campaign. Just click the title to download the tool. Click on the sign to expand each category. Click on the sign to expand each category.

All Tools are PDFs unless otherwise noted

  Campaign Overview - no tools
  Organize Campaign - no tools
  Campaign Stages
  Stage 1: Document the Problem - Overview,
                   Youth Tobacco Use, Illegal Sales, Store Marketing, Enforcement,                    Merchant Education, Political Environment
  Stage 2: Select an Issue
  Stage 3: Develop a Strategy
  Stage 4: Broaden Your Coalition
  Stage 5: Communicate with Target
  Stage 6: Implement Activities - Outreach and Media,
                   New Policy, Enforcement, Merchant Education

Stage 7: Evaluate Your Campaign - no tools

Post-Campaign Tools

Implementing a Licensing Policy:

Compliance with the California Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003: Observation and Reporting Information for License Posting
Compliance with the California Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003 provides information on state requirements for a tobacco retail license, suggestions on how to check for compliance with the Calfironia tobacco retailer license posting requirements; strategies to check for compliance with license posting requirements; and where and how to report probable violations.

Tobacco Retailers License Ordinance - Contra Costa County Implementation Protocols - Word
Contra Costa County's draft tobacco retailer license protocols describe procedures for issuing a license, denying a license, criteria for license suspension and revocation, hearings and other issues associated with administering a local tobacco licensing program

Tobacco Retail Licensing Implementation Checklist - Word
American Lung Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties

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